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Note: Official Nix documentation and learning materials are maintained at

This article is an overview of resources available both within the NixOS community Wiki and elsewhere. For communication channels, support and information of contributing, see the community menu.


The NixOS Wiki's core articles are divided into five categories. Each category link will list all pages in that category:

  1. Pedias, for encyclopedic description
  2. Guides, for broad hands-on understanding and connections to other learning resources
  3. Tutorials, intended to teach a particular process or project
  4. Cookbooks, collections of tips and tricks
  5. Reference, full manuals and technical coverage

Pages are also organized by the six most prominent components of the Nix Ecosystem — NixOS, Nix: the package manager, Nix: the language (Nix Expressions), Nixpkgs, NixOps and Hydra.

NixOS Wiki Resources
Category NixOS Nix Nix Expressions Nixpkgs NixOps Hydra
Pedia NixOS Nix Nix Expression Language Nixpkgs NixOps Hydra
Cookbook NixOS Cheatsheet Nix Cookbook Nix Language: Tips & Tricks
Guide Nix Language: Learning resources
NixOS Official Resources
Category NixOS Nix Nix Expressions Nixpkgs NixOps Hydra
Reference NixOS Manual Nix Manual Nix Manual:
Writing Nix Expressions
Nixpkgs Manual Nixops Manual Hydra Manual
Note: Home Manager is also a major community project to make user environment management in NixOS easier. It is intended to replace much of what you would do with nix-env, to reduce hard-to-track imperative actions.
Official Home Manager manual

Also, see Applications for an overview of tools in the extended ecosystem.

More documentation

  • awesome-nix - community-curated list of Nix learning resources and tools


Interactive websites


  • Wil T Nix Guides - A video series in 8 parts, covering the Nix ecosystem from foundations, providing orientation with all available resources, and showing hands on how to get NixOS installed and running (including managing all your configuration through git and using Flakes).
  • Nix Friday - a series of 24 video streams of 1-2 hours on learning Nix and meeting community members
  • How to learn Nix - A set of over 40 posts from 2021, looking at — as the author describes — not just what Nix does, but what it does. It is their notes from reading the manual, doing experiments, and trying to deeply understand Nix.
  • Tutorial Introduction to Nix - An introduction focused on the use of shell environments, for Python and with links to R versions as well
  • Interactive Tour of Nix - An interactive tutorial of the Nix Expression Language by Joachim Schiele and Paul Seitz
  • Nix shell workshop
  • Scrive workshop - Nix language and packaging workshop
  • Wombat's Book of Nix - A book on Nix language and flakes for newcomers