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Welcome to the unofficial user's wiki

This wiki is user-maintained. Take a look at the about page for more information.


 Getting started

Take your first steps with Nix on

Newcomers are encouraged to read the Nix Ecosystem and Resources overview articles to get a comprehensive orientation. For more specific introductions, see:


 Setting up NixOS


 Documentation topics

First stop should be Resources, which serves as a gateway to the most important documentation. Some highlights below.

Primary reference material:

Major page categories:

See also:


 Other Wikis?

As of April 2024 multiple Nix(OS) wikis do exist:

  • The unofficial user's Wiki (the one you are reading now on started in 2017.
  • The oldest (original?) of them is no longer directly available but can still be accessed at
  • The "official NixOS Wiki" at
    • Despite that most content was copied verbatim (which is fine, forks are part of open source) there is no affiliation between the unofficial user's wiki and that wiki.
  • The NixLang Wiki at

We also have a write-up on the history of NixOS wikis (requiring an update).


2024-01-28More attacks, 2024

In the past few hours, we've experienced another wave of attacks targeting our wiki infrastructure. To mitigate this, we've begun blocking entire Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), effectively reducing the load on our database cluster. Additionally, we've heightened Cloudflare challenge levels. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our users. Until we compile a comprehensive list of the attacking networks, these measures will remain necessary.

2024-01-11Content Requests, 2024

We've noticed increased requests for specific content on the addressed to the admin-team via email since the start of the year. Let's clarify our approach to these requests:
The admin team's primary role is to address operational issues. We do not create content based on individual requests. However, like any member of the NixOS community, our team members may contribute to the wiki on their own accord.

For content creation, we encourage you to connect with other NixOS users. You can find various platforms for interaction in the "Get in touch" section on our Main Page or Get in Touch page. If you've found a solution to a problem, consider contributing your knowledge to the wiki. Your input is valuable and can assist others facing similar challenges.

Thank you for your understanding and participation.

2023-12-12DDOS Attacks - December, 2023

The is experiencing a significant upsurge in attacks, which have notably impacted our infrastructure. In the past day, these attacks have increasingly resulted in timeouts, particularly noticeable while editing wiki pages.

To counteract this, we’ve implemented new security protocols. These measures are more robust and aggressive, specifically designed to mitigate these attacks. We anticipate that for most users, these changes will be transparent and not impede normal wiki usage.

However, there’s an important caveat for users accessing our wiki via specific cloud providers (source of recent attacks). Such traffic will now trigger interactive challenges from Cloudflare. This is a permanent change to ensure the integrity and availability of our wiki for all users. We understand this may cause inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

2023-09-09Upcoming Infrastructure Changes at - September, 2023

Over the past few months, has been dealing with increased levels of attacks ranging from basic to complex ones targeting the database. Thankfully, we have support from Cloudflare (sponsoring their services), which helps us counteract a large part of these attacks.

Despite this help, some attacks reach our backend, so we have decided to migrate to a different setup to better protect the wiki and keep it operational. This means there might be a few downtimes in the weeks ahead. We will keep you posted on the timings here in the news section.

2021-09-24Nix web highlights - September, 2021
2019-06-02Google Index Issues

The visibility of pages in Google search results drastically dropped around 21st of May. The reason is still unknown.

2017-10-08Integration issues resolved

Login links now work as they previously did. They are found both in the header and the footer.

Edit button now shows combined with actions and is available in the footer.

2017-10-02New Wiki theme activated

We activated the theme proposed by samueldr (issue #7)

Login links can be found in the footer

2017-06-28Login via GitHub has been enabled

We are still working out some kinks. If you encounter any errors please contact User:Fadenb

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