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This article lists applications built for and with Nix; it constitutes a listing of what may be called the Extended Nix Ecosystem.

Nix Derivatives

Various applications built on top of Nix:

  • fractalide - Reusable Reproducible Composable Software
  • not-os - build a system firmware for embedded devices

Built with Nix

Projects which leverage Nix.

  • nix-bitcoin - Set of NixOS modules to install a bitcoin node with emphasis on security
  • styx - Static site generator in Nix expression language
  • bionix - manage and execute bioinformatics pipelines
  • ethereum.nix - A collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules designed to make it easier to operate Ethereum related services and infrastructure

Nix Platform

Projects which add support (e.g. for extra platforms or major capabilities) to Nix.

  • nix-darwin - NixOS modules for Darwin
  • musnix - real-time audio modules for NixOS
  • nixGl - A wrapper to run OpenGL applications outside of NixOS

Nix Tooling

Various tools built for working with the Nix Ecosystem (e.g. enhancements or alternatives to core Nix tools).

General configuration

  • home-manager - System for managing a user environment using Nix


  • dotfiles - Popular flake-based NixOS configuration template. Has hey management command
  • deploy-rs - Nix flake deployment tool
  • flake-utils-plus - Flake templates and helper library. Extension of below
  • flake-utils - Set of flake-building utility functions
  • flake-parts - Simplify Nix Flakes with the module system


  • nox - Tools to make Nix easier to use
  • nix-update - Swiss army knife for updating nix packages
  • nix-venient - A collection of convenient commands for working with nix/nixpkgs


  • narfuse - FUSE filesystem for mounting Nix archive (NAR) files as a virtual Nix store


  • nix-delegate - Convenient utility for distributed Nix builds


  • nix-diff - Compare Nix derivations
  • niff - Compare two Nix expressions to determine what attributes changes


  • nix-visualize - Visualize the dependencies of a given package
  • niv - Painless dependencies for Nix projects

Nix lang comprehension

  • rnix-lsp - A language server which can provide in your text editor...
    • Syntax checking, completion, renaming, go to definition, code formatting (with nixpkgs-fmt), etc.
    • Supported in vim/neovim, Emacs, VSCode, Kakoune
  • statix - Linter and suggestions for the nix programming language
  • nixfmt - A formatter for Nix code
  • nixpkgs-fmt - Nix code formatter for nixpkgs
  • deadnix - Removes unused code from .nix files
  • nil - Nix Language server, an incremental analysis assistent for writing in Nix.

Package maintenance


  • dwarffs - Fetches DWARF debug info files for gdb automatically from
  • nixseparatedebuginfod - Fetches debug symbols and source files for debuginfod-capables tools like gdb


  • nix-index - Quickly locate nix packages with specific files
  • nix-du - Find which gc-roots take disk space in a nix store
  • nix-info - Homebrew info querying for Nix
  • userscan - Scans directories containing manually compiled programs and registers them with the Nix garbage collector



  • nix-bundle - package Nix attributes into single-file executables.
  • nix-user-chroot - install Nix as an unpriviliged user on any system

Nix Operations

Operations tools for the Nix Ecosystem:


  • Hydra - Nix's official continuous integration and build system.
  • NixOps - Nix's official tool for deploying to NixOS machines in a network or the cloud.


  • colmena - a NixOS deployment tool
  • deploy-rs - a simple multi-profile Nix-flake deploy tool
  • lollypops - a parallel and stateles NixOS deployment tool
  • Morph - a NixOS deployment tool
  • Nixus - an experimental NixOS deployment tool
  • nixcloud-webservices - nixpkgs extension for web-related technologies
  • Bento - a NixOS fleet manager supporting remote systems not up 24/7


  • Arion - configure Docker Compose with Nix modules
  • Nixery - ad-hoc container images from Nix


  • kubenix - Kubernetes resource builder written in Nix
  • nix-kubernetes - Kubernetes deployment manager written in nix

NixOps related

  • nixops-manager - NixOps wrapper for Git repositories
  • krops - a stateless alternative to nixops with improved secret management.
  • morph - a stateless alternative to nixops, deployment files mostly compatible to nixops's none backend

Alternative nix implementations & parser

  • hnix (haskell, parser & evaluator)
  • rnix (rust, parser)
  • go-nix (go, parser & nix-compatible file hasher)
  • nix-idea (java, parser)

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