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This article provides an overview of various ways of engaging the Nix community. See the Nix Community article to learn more about who we are, and the official NixOS community page for more information.



Nix community chat channels are hosted on the Freenode IRC network; the primary official user channel is #nixoslogs, the development channel is #nixos-dev and the wiki channel is #nixos-wikilogs.

Nix and NixOS channels
Channel Description Log
#nixos General NixOS and Nix help logs
#nix-darwin Nix on macOS
#nixos-aarch64 NixOS on ARM (64 bits)
#nixos-dev Nix and NixOS development (#nixos for questions)
#nixos-on-your-router Using NixOS on/as a router
#nixos-wiki Wiki coordination channel logs

In addition to these IRC channels there is also the unofficial NixOS matrix channel


There is currently only one official Mailinglist related to NixOS, nix-devel. You don't need to be a developer to use this mailing list, although much of the discussion delves into deeper technical issues.


For a free-form discussion forum, checkout the NixOS Reddit channel. For Q&A style discussion of any Nix related issues, check out stack overflow questions tagged Nix,NixOS, NixOps and Nixpkgs.


You can find a variety of talks and demos of Nix-related material on YouTube. Of particular note are the NixCon 2017 Talks and NixCon 2015 Videos


The NixOS Foundation has an official Twitter account, and the hashtag #NixOS is handy to find content related to the Nix Ecosystem (#nix is too ambiguous).



An ever-growing number of Nix and NixOS related meetups can be found on In this section, we list regional meetups dedicated to NixOS and the Nix Ecosystem; if you cannot find a meetup near you, try seeking out a functional programming or DevOps meetup in your area, as Nix-related topics can often be discussed in such a context.





NixCon is the official Nix Ecosystem conference, which in the future will occur on a yearly basis. Previous NixCons: