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This article outlines how to best go about getting support. It is recommended to make sure you try these measures in this order, moving on to the next measure only when the previous has been exhausted.

1. Check the docs

In addition to the official documentation, there is a wealth of unofficial documentation available, including this Wiki. For an overview of all these resources, see our resource overview article.

2. Have a chat

The #nixos IRC channel on the Freenode network is very active, and is one of your best shots at getting live support; if you don't have an IRC client you can use Freenode's own webchat or alternatives like KiwiIRC.

3. Post your issue

If your issue is technical and possibly a bug, you can report the issue on the Nixpkgs GitHub repository. For other questions, you could try the official discourse instance, stack overflow, or the NixOS Reddit channel.

4. Hire a pro

If all else fails, you can hire a professional Nix consultant; see the list of Nix consultants