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This table provides a comparison of NixOS setups, may them be templates, user or domain-specific setups, and more. It can be useful to NixOS users who want to take inspiration and learn from existing configurations.


Name of the setup.
Whether it is designed as a template for using as base of NixOS systems or not.
Whether it implements Flakes or not.
Home Manager
Whether it makes use of Home Manager or not.
[TODO] Secretes
Whether it makes use of secret management schemes or not, and if yes, then a list of the used schemes.
File system
A list of the main file systems used (e.g. BTRFS, ZFS, EXT4, etc).
System encryption
Whether it has encryption on a system level or not, and the software it uses for encryption (e.g. LUKS, ZFS native, etc).
Opt-in state
Whether it supports opt-in state or not.
Display server
A list of supported display servers (e.g. X, Wayland, etc)
[TODO] Desktop environment
A list of supported desktop environments (e.g. i3, GNOME, KDE, LXQt, Sway, XFCE, Xmonad, etc).
Whether its repository has commits in the last 10 months or not.
Link to the repository.

General information

Name Template Flakes Home Manager File system System encryption Opt-in state Display server Maintained Repository
DevOS Yes Yes Yes None No No ? Yes divnix/devos
hlissner/dotfiles No Yes Yes ZFS Yes (LUKS) No ? Yes hlissner/dotfiles
nixos-flake-example Yes Yes No None No No ? Yes colemickens/nixos-flake-example
SoxinOS Yes Yes Yes None No No ? Yes SoxinOS/soxin
not-os No No No None No No ? Yes cleverca22/not-os
NixOS-WSL Yes Yes No None No No ? Yes Trundle/NixOS-WSL
Simple NixOS Mailserver No Yes No None No No ? Yes simple-nixos-mailserver/nixos-mailserver
Nix Portable No Yes No None No No ? Yes DavHau/nix-portable
rasendubi/dotfiles No Yes Yes None No No ? Yes rasendubi/dotfiles
puffnfresh/nix-files No No Yes ZFS No No ? Yes puffnfresh/nix-files
Shabka No No Yes BTRFS No No ? No kalbasit/shabka
MatthewCroughan/nixcfg No Yes Yes ZFS Yes (LUKS) No ? Yes MatthewCroughan/nixcfg
Icy-Thought/Snowflake No Yes Yes EXT4 No No ? Yes Icy-Thought/Snowflake
NixOSEncryptedLiveCD No No No Yes (LUKS) Yes ? No adrianparvino/NixOSEncryptedLiveCD
tudurom/dotfiles No Yes Yes BTRFS, ZFS Yes (LUKS) Yes ? Yes tudurom/dotfiles
balsoft/nixos-config No Yes Yes EXT4 Yes (LUKS) Yes ? Yes balsoft/nixos-config
srid/nixos-config No Yes Yes EXT4 No No ? Yes srid/nixos-config
mt-caret/nix-config No Yes Yes BTRFS No Yes ? Yes mt-caret/nix-config
grahamc/nixos-config No No No ZFS Yes (LUKS) No ? No grahamc/nixos-config
Ericson2314/nixos-configuration No No Yes ZFS Yes (LUKS) No Wayland or X11 Yes Ericson2314/nixos-configuration

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