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Note: This package is unfree. Read the FAQ entry to know how to use unfree packages.


available builds


replace the discord below with whichever build you want


nixpkgs.config = {
  allowUnfree = true;
environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [ discord ]

Home Manager

Can be used on both NixOS and non-NixOS

Same as above but replace environment.systemPackages with home.packages


declarative package management on non-nixos


Command Line:

$ Discord

The nix expression also installs a desktop item as another option for starting the application.

Join the NixOS Discord

Follow this link to join the unofficial NixOS Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RbvHtGa


Discord crashes when a notification is received

Discord crashes if there is no notification daemon

standalone notification daemons

  • dunst — Lightweight and customizable notification daemon for x11
https://github.com/dunst-project/dunst || dunst
  • mako — A lightweight Wayland notification daemon
https://github.com/emersion/mako/ || mako

Discord wants latest version

Discord update latest.png

Discord refuses to start because they have released an update and only the latest version can connect to their service.

Most of the time this is a temporary problem, and you can just wait for the version to be bumped in nixpkgs and update then. For the impatient the workaround is something like this:

nixpkgs.overlays = [(self: super: { discord = super.discord.overrideAttrs (_: { src = builtins.fetchTarball <link-to-tarball>; });})];

An overlay to build discord manually from the URL to the latest tarball on [1], see [2]

If it was fixed in master, the other alternatives are:

nix-env -f https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/release-20.09.tar.gz -iA discord

or with nix-shell:

NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/release-20.09.tar.gz nix-shell -p discord --run Discord

Opening Links with Firefox

If you use Discord and it silently fails to open links in Firefox, you possibly have encountered issue #78961. This is caused by a version mismatch between the NSS libraries used by Discord and Firefox. Luckily, a relatively easy workaround is available:

First, find out which NSS version Firefox is currently using with

$ nix path-info $(which firefox) -r | grep nss-

This should print a few store paths, focus on their ends, which should look like nss-x.xx. We're interested in the one with the newest version. Next, create a new file called discord_patched.nix and paste the following code into it:

with import <nixpkgs> {};

pkgs.discord.override {
    nss = pkgs.nss_3_49_2;

Now replace nss_3_49_2 with the previously looked up version's "attribute name", which you can look up here. Finally, build and install this patched package with

$ nix-env -i $(nix build discord_patched.nix) --arg config '{ allowUnfree = true; }'

Log in again and you should be able to open links properly.


default.nix for discord