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I've also added a nix expression to set up a shell:

If it's useful I can add it here

Can I update/improve this page

Hi! I'm fairly new to nix/NixOS and tried this guide to rebuild my Yubikey based decryption which I previously used in Arch. While following the guide, I found some issues and also see some improvements:

  • while the SLOT is definded as env variable, the "2" is hardcoded in the yubikey commands
  • the /dev/partition paths didn't work on my VM using NixOS 23.05, I'd use the "old" paths /dev/mapper/<name> instead
  • I would add a section that tries to close and reopen the luks device with the new credentials to test if the setup was successful
  • I would add a section which adds a password as a Backup decryption method (addresses

Can I simply edit the page with those changes or is there some PR/review process for the wiki pages?