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Plugin Names

It'd be great to make it easier for users to find the name of the plugin they want. When I just now tried doing this, I initially thought I could use the "names" listed in vim-plugin-names, so I tried this:

   vimrcConfig.vam.pluginDictionaries = [
       { names = [
           # Here you can place all your vim plugins
           # They are installed managed by `vam` (a vim plugin manager)
       ]; }

But that didn't work, because vam didn't accept "github:sbdchd/neoformat" as a name. It took some trial and error to find that I instead needed to use "neoformat", which is the name as specified in default.nix.

Should this page tell users to just check default.nix, or maybe they should search nix packages or use "nix-env -qaP .*neoformat.*" and use whatever is after "nixos.vimPlugins."?