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This page explains how to run Playstation 2 games on NixOS. A dedicated Games page lists games and reports on their successful execution on NixOS.


You need a legal copy of your ps2 bios. There are many ways to do it, i just describe an easy but slowly one using uLaunchELF :

1/ get latest ps2ident from 
2/ extract somewhere on an USB mass storage
3/ launch it from uLaunchELF (mass:) , then select USB as save device
4/ waiiiiiiiiiiiit. ( slow USB 1, notice progress bars )
5/ copy files in the right pcsx2 directory ( by default /home/<username>/.config/PCSX2/bios )

You can also explore the bios file using romdirfs.

Hard Disc Drive


Playstation 2 use PFS filesystem. You could use pfsshell on PC. pfsshell's author advises you to not use it as root.

# chown myuser /dev/sdb

$ pfsshell 
pfsshell for POSIX systems

This program uses pfs, apa, iomanX, 
code from ps2sdk (

Type "help" for a list of commands.

> device /dev/sdb
hdd: PS2 APA Driver v2.5 (c) 2003 Vector
hdd: max open = 1, 3 buffers
hdd: 07:13:40 02/03/2020
hdd: disk0: 0x06fccf2f sectors, max 0x00200000
hdd: checking log...
hdd: drive status 0, format version 00000002
hdd: version 0000 driver start.
pfs Playstation Filesystem Driver v2.2
ps2fs: (c) 2003 Sjeep, Vector and Florin Sasu
pfs Max mount: 1, Max open: 1, Number of buffers: 10
pfs version 0000 driver start.
# initialise yes
# ls
0x0001   128MB __mbr
0x0100   128MB __net
0x0100   256MB __system
0x0100   512MB __sysconf
0x0100  1024MB __common

install FHDB (Free HDBoot)

Alternatively you could simply use an image disc with dd ( as windows people use HDDGURU: HDD Raw Copy Tool) , for example FHDB image disc ( like ) , that way you can use homebrews too :

dd if=FHDB.img of=/dev/sdb status=progress

FHDB is slower than FMCB but you can use it to install FMCB.

Install games

Use hdl_dump (see hdl_dump help) :

 $ hdl_dump install /dev/sdb Final\ Fantasy\ X\ \(France\).iso



works fine - example soon.

FTP transfer

A very slow solution ( ~ 500KB/s ).

  • PC side (client) :

PS2 doesn't support TLS, use plain FTP. (tested with filezilla)

  • PS2 side (server) :

Launch ps2net. You need to activate hdd (exploring it in uLaunchELF for example) before ps2net to share it.