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Man pages are a form of documentation available on Unix-like systems.

See the Archwiki and Wikipedia entries for more information.

NixOS: Display configuration options

The NixOS option system creates a manpage with all options and their documentation.

man 5 configuration.nix

This is a lightweight alternative to the “Configuration Options” page in nixos-help.

NixOS: Some man pages are missing

Development man pages

The “Linux man-pages project” provides a set of documentation of the Linux programming API, mostly section `3`. You can access them by adding them to your system packages:

environment.systemPackages = [ pkgs.manpages ];

To try it out: man 3 scanf.

Libraries and development utilities might provide additional documentation and manpages. You can add those to your system like this: = true;

See also: the other options in the `documentation` namespace.