Docbook Editor Configuration

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For Vim/Neovim

(pkgs.neovim.override {
   configure.packages.myplugins.start = with pkgs.vimPlugins; [

For Emacs

The following creates an Emacs with a custom module, which configures nXML for the NixOS / Nixpkgs docbook codebase:

  pkgs = import <nixpkgs> {};
  inherit (pkgs) emacsPackagesNg docbook5 writeText;

  schemas = writeText "schemas.xml" ''
    <locatingRules xmlns="">
      <documentElement localName="section" typeId="DocBook"/>
      <documentElement localName="chapter" typeId="DocBook"/>
      <documentElement localName="article" typeId="DocBook"/>
      <documentElement localName="book" typeId="DocBook"/>
      <typeId id="DocBook" uri="${docbook5}/xml/rng/docbook/docbookxi.rnc" />

in emacsPackagesNg.emacsWithPackages (epkgs: [
  (emacsPackagesNg.trivialBuild {
    pname = "nix-docbook-mode";
    version = "1970-01-01";
    src = writeText "default.el" ''
      (eval-after-load 'rng-loc
        '(add-to-list 'rng-schema-locating-files "${schemas}"))

For IntelliJ IDEA (Community and Ultimate)

First off, the feature set for XML and Docbook editing is the same in both versions. Here's a neat one-liner to start the Community edition

nix-shell -p jetbrains.idea-community --run idea-community

Then, open the doc/ or root folder of the <nixpkgs> project. (Opening a file directly will not allow browsing the directory structure within the IDE.


Adding the docbook schema

At the root of <nixpkgs>, run the following command. It will create a link to docbook, allowing (easier) use of the xsd files. The symlink can be updated instead of having to change the full store path in the editor. The second command will print the full path to the docbook xsd.

nix-build -A docbook5 --out-link docbook
echo $PWD/docbook/share/xml/docbook-5.0/xsd/docbook.xsd

Open manual.xml. After a short while, IntelliJ IDEA will realise it does not know about the schema.


Click on the red light bulb, then Manually setup an external resource.


Paste in the full path to the xsd file.


After this is done, IntelliJ will validate.