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There are many ways to contribute to NixOS and Nix at large. Please read on to learn how to contribute to the mission.

Contributing packages to nixpkgs

Development of Nix and NixOS happens primarily on Nixpkgs. You can contribute by helping reporting, diagnosing and closing issues, by creating, testing and reviewing pull-requests, and by becoming a maintainer of packages and modules hosted on the repository. For more information, see the contributing section of the Nixpkgs article.

There is also a Maillinglist where you can submit patches if you prefer to submit patches via email. These will then be forwarded to Nixpkgs as a pull request by someone on the ML.

See also Contributing to nixpkgs.

Alternative: Contribute to Nix User Repositories

In the case your packages were not accepted by nixpkgs, you may consider creating your own Nix User Repository (NUR) to share your work with others. This cuts down on maintenance costs among community members, and gives you a way to receive feedback in the case your packages have issues noticed by another user.

Contributing to the documentation

See Contributing to Nix documentation.

Contributing to this Wiki

Development of the wiki and other community initiatives happens at at the nix-community Github repository. The #nixos-wiki channel on Matrix is available for questions.

See NixOS Wiki:Contributing

Support other users

Nix/NixOS is a community-led effort. It is up to every participant to help each other learn and use Nix effectively. Here are some ways to help other users:

  • Help users on the Nix Discourse.
  • Help users on the Nix Matrix (real time chat).
  • Write blog posts on how to do things with Nix or NixOS.
  • Engage with others on social media about Nix or NixOS.