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Nix nicely integrates into your CI.

TODO: some general tips & tricks

Avoid downloading already built results

nix-build will always ensure the built store path is put in the local store, be it by building or by downloading from a substituter. On CI, we often only want to check whether we can build the derivation, without using or running the output.

This can be achieved by using `--dry-run` to check whether the result would be fetched, and only building it it has to be built. implements this in a relatively straightforward (but naïve) Python script.

nix-build-uncached implements it in a slightly more elaborate manner, and is available on nixpkgs (as the nix-build-uncached package).

Instructions for specific CI Providers

Travis CI

See Nix_on_Travis article

Github actions

See install-nix-action to install nix in Linux/macOS actions. There is also one action to setup cachix, a hosted binary cache.

Build kite

See the Buildkite article


There is no official NixOS module however both drone and drone-cli are packaged in nixpkgs.

Mic92 has the following custom module in his repository. An example public project can be found in sops-nix and this project for an example using flakes Mic92's dotfiles.


mrVanDalo has a library to declare jenkins in his repository. It can be used as shown here