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NixOS Installation

VirtualBox can be installed on NixOS without problems, put this snippet in your configuration.nix

{ = true;
   users.extraGroups.vboxusers.members = [ "user-with-access-to-virtualbox" ];

Adding users to the group vboxusers allows them to use the virtualbox functionality.

VirtualBox Oracle Extensions

Note: This package is unfree. Read the FAQ entry to know how to use unfree packages.

Oracle VirtualBox Extensions are required if you want to forward usb2 or usb3 to your guests. The Extensions are unfree.

   nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree = true; = true; = true;
Warning: Host extensions cause frequent recompilation.

Possible solutions:

VirtualBox Guest Additions

  virtualisation.virtualbox.guest.enable = true;
  virtualisation.virtualbox.guest.draganddrop = true;

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