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Thunar is a GTK file manager originally made for Xfce.


Thunar will automatically be installed by enabling Xfce.

If you want to install Thunar standalone, add to your configuration.nix:

programs.thunar.enable = true;


If xfce is not used as desktop and therefore xfconf is not enabled, preference changes are discarded. In that case enable the xfconf program manually to be able to save preferences:

programs.xfconf.enable = true;


You can add plugins by including them in programs.thunar.plugins to your configuration.nix. For example:

programs.thunar.plugins = with pkgs.xfce; [

Other functionalities

You can extend Thunar's functionalities by adding to your configuration.nix:

services.gvfs.enable = true; # Mount, trash, and other functionalities
services.tumbler.enable = true; # Thumbnail support for images

You can extend Tumbler's support to other file formats by adding more packages to environment.systemPackages. See here for a list (the names may not match 1:1).

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