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This article is an overview of resources available both within the NixOS community Wiki and elsewhere. For communication channels, support and information of contributing, see the community menu.


The NixOS Wiki's core articles are divided into five article categories: discussions, for encyclopedic description, guides, for showing the user how to do stuff, tutorials intended to teach, cookbooks collecting a bag of tips and trips and reference material for the nitty gritty details. They are also divided by the six most prominent components of the Nix Ecosystem: NixOS, Nix, the Nix Language, Nixpkgs, NixOps and Hydra. The core articles of the Wiki correspond to one component and one category:

NixOS Wiki Resources
Category NixOS Nix Nix Language Nixpkgs NixOps Hydra
Discussion NixOS Nix Nix Language Nixpkgs NixOps Hydra
Guide NixOS Guide Nix Guide Nix Language Guide Nixpkgs Guide NixOps Guide Hydra Guide
Tutorial NixOS Tutorial Nix Tutorial Nix Language Tutorial Nixpkgs Tutorial NixOps Tutorial Hydra Tutorial
Cookbook NixOS Cookbook Nix Cookbook Nix Language Cookbook Nixpkgs Cookbook NixOps Cookbook Hydra Cookbook
Reference NixOS Reference Nix Reference Nix Language Reference Nixpkgs Reference NixOps Reference Hydra Reference

The goal is to eventually have strong articles for every entry of this table, but initial efforts will target the first row and first column.



Interactive websites