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NixOS Wiki

Welcome to the unofficial user's wiki

This wiki is user-maintained. Take a look at the about page for more information.


 Getting started

Newcomers are encouraged to read the Nix Ecosystem and Resources overview articles to get a comprehensive orientation. For more specific introductions, see:

Or for more extensive reference, check out:

See also:


 Setting up NixOS


08-10-2017Integration issues resolved

Login links now work as they previously did. They are found both in the header and the footer.

Edit button now shows combined with actions and is available in the footer.

02-10-2017New Wiki theme activated

We activated the theme proposed by samueldr (issue #7)

Login links can be found in the footer

28-06-2017Login via GitHub has been enabled

We are still working out some kinks. If you encounter any errors please contact User:Fadenb

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