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This article provides an overview of various ways of engaging the Nix community. See the Nix Community article to learn more about who we are, and the official NixOS community page for more information.




There is an official Nix chat presence on Matrix. There is a NixOS Community Space containing rooms on many Nix topics. Matrix Spaces are a beta feature, not supported by all clients or homeservers. The main Nix Matrix room is

If your client doesn't support spaces see MatrixRooms for a list of rooms.


There is a Nix presence on the Libera.Chat IRC network; the primary user channel is #nixos, and the development channel is #nixos-dev.

Previously, the Nix channels were on Freenode, a different IRC network. There are public logs from the Freenode versions of these channels. There is no logging set up on the Libera.Chat versions (yet).

Nix and NixOS channels
Channel Description
#nixos General NixOS and Nix help
#nix-darwin Nix on macOS
#nixos-chat An informal channel for chit-chatting when going off-topic on the main channel.
#nixos-dev Nix and NixOS development (#nixos for questions)
#nixos-gm A social channel for gender minorities in the NixOS community. This is an invite only channel. Introduce yourself in #nixos-gm-invites and someone will invite you.
#nixos-on-your-router Using NixOS on/as a router
#nixos-wiki Wiki coordination channel
#nixos-emacs Nix Emacs discussions
Regional channels
Channel Description
#nixos-cs Czech and Slovak NixOS community
#nixos-fr French NixOS community
#nixos German NixOS community on irc network (webchat version:


An unofficial Discord server is available at


There are some regional Telegram groups dedicated to NixOS:

Regional Telegram channels
Channel Languages
@NixOS_zhcn Chinese, English
@ru_nixos Russian, English
@nixos_en English
@nixosbr Portuguese

Discourse forum

For a free-form discussion forum, checkout the official NixOS Discourse or the NixOS subreddit. For Q&A style discussion of any Nix related issues, check out Stack Overflow questions tagged Nix,NixOS, NixOps and Nixpkgs.


NixCon has an official Fediverse presence,, where talk videos are published.

You can also find a variety of talks and demos of Nix-related material, including videos from older NixCons, on YouTube.


The NixOS Foundation has an official Twitter account, and the hashtag #NixOS is handy to find content related to the Nix Ecosystem (#nix is too ambiguous).


  • Peti - Weekly Haskell packaging
  • NixFriday - Weekly Nix teaching sessions
  • OfficeHours - Weekly Nix Office Hours (1600-2000 UTC Fridays, more times as mentors are available)

Mailing list (no longer used)

There was previously an official mailing list related to NixOS, nix-devel. It has been replaced by the NixOS Discourse forum, see above.



An ever-growing number of Nix and NixOS related meetups can be found on In this section, we list regional meetups dedicated to NixOS and the Nix Ecosystem; if you cannot find a meetup near you, try seeking out a functional programming or DevOps meetup in your area, as Nix-related topics can often be discussed in such a context.





NixCon is the official Nix Ecosystem conference, which in the future will occur on a yearly basis. Previous NixCons:


  • Nix Camp "Nix Camp is a 2 week long event from September 12th to September 26th [2021].[...] in the midst of Wales [...]"