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This article lists applications built for and with Nix; it constitutes a listing of what may be called the *extended Nix Ecosystem*.

Nix Derivatives

Various applications built on top of Nix:

  • fractalide - Reusable Reproducible Composable Software
  • musnix - real-time audio modules for NixOS
  • nix-bundle - package Nix attributes into single-file executables.
  • nix-darwin - NixOS modules for Darwin
  • nix-user-chroot - install Nix as an unpriviliged user on any system
  • not-os - build a system firmware for embedded devices
  • styx - Static site generator in Nix expression language
  • nixos-shell - like nix-shell, but for NixOS modules. Buildable version can be found in this fork
  • nixcloud-webservices - nixpkgs extension for web-related technologies
  • krops - a stateless alternative to nixops with improved secret management.
  • morph - a stateless alternative to nixops, deployment files mostly compatible to nixops's none backend
  • nix-bitcoin - Set of NixOS modules to install a bitcoin node with emphasis on security

Nix Tooling

Various tools built for working with the Nix Ecosystem:

  • nixpkgs-review - Review nixpkgs pull requests
  • nix-update - Swiss army knife for updating nix packages
  • nixos-shell - Spawns lightweight nixos vms in a shell (like vagrant)
  • nox - Tools to make Nix easier to use
  • nix-diff - Compare Nix derivations
  • niff - Compare two Nix expressions to determine what attributes changes
  • nix-index - Quickly locate nix packages with specific files
  • nix-delegate - Convenient utility for distributed Nix builds
  • nix-du - Find which gc-roots take disk space in a nix store
  • nix-info - Homebrew info querying for Nix
  • nix-upgrade-scripts - Tools for Nixpkgs maintainers to upgrade packages
  • nixops-manager - NixOps wrapper for Git repositories
  • narfuse - FUSE filesystem for mounting Nix archive (NAR) files as a virtual Nix store
  • nix-visualize - Visualize the dependencies of a given package
  • home-manager - System for managing a user environment using Nix
  • nix-home - Utilities for working with user configurations in Nix
  • nixGl - A wrapper to run OpenGL applications outside of NixOS
  • nix-venient - A collection of convenient commands for working with nix/nixpkgs
  • niv - Painless dependencies for Nix projects
  • nix-bash-completions - Bash completion for nix* commands
  • userscan - Scans directories containing manually compiled programs and registers them with the Nix garbage collector

Nix Operations

Operations tools for the Nix Ecosystem:

  • Hydra - Nix's official continuous integration and build system.
  • kubenix - Kubernetes resource builder written in Nix
  • nix-kubernetes - Kubernetes deployment manager written in nix
  • Disnix - a microservice architecture built with Nix.
  • Hail - a service for pull-based continuous deployment.
  • Morph - a NixOS deployment tool
  • Nixery - ad-hoc container images from Nix
  • Arion - configure Docker Compose with Nix modules

Alternative nix implementations & parser

  • hnix (haskell, parser & evaluator)
  • rnix (rust, parser)
  • go-nix (go, parser & nix-compatible file hasher)
  • nix-idea (java, parser)

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